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What are one-piece wall coverings and why do they matter?

One-piece printed wall coverings are a great way to transform interior spaces using high-quality imagery, colour and creativity. Unlike traditional wallpapers, our seamless wall coverings offer full wall coverage in one-piece, which means exactly that, a unique no-join finish!

Environmentally friendly, fire-rated and completely bespoke are just a few of this products features. 

One-piece wallcovering applications are ideal for:

  • Corporate office interiors

  • Commercial retail interiors & in-store environments

  • Marketing & hospitality suites

  • Domestic & residential walls

  • Exhibition & showroom walls

  • Art galleries & museums

  • Window dressing backdrops

  • Pop-up shops

  • Restaurants & bars

  • Schools, colleges and universities

  • Hospitals & clinics

  • Endless seamless branding opportunities

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