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What are one-piece wall coverings and why would you choose them?

One-piece printed wall coverings are a stunning way to transform interior spaces using high-quality imagery, colour and creativity. Unlike traditional wallpapers, our seamless wall coverings offer full wall coverage in one-piece, which means exactly that, a unique no-join finish! How is that possible? It is and looks so amazing you'll never go back to multiple drop graphics, no seams to pick at, no lining up expertise, simply uninterrupted panoramic beauty.

Sustainable, fire-rated, washable, hardwearing, antimicrobial protectable and completely bespoke are just a few of this products features. 

One-piece wallcovering applications are ideal for:

  • Corporate office interiors

  • Commercial retail interiors & in-store environments

  • Marketing & hospitality suites

  • Domestic & residential walls

  • Exhibition & showroom walls

  • Art galleries & museums

  • Window dressing backdrops

  • Pop-up shops

  • Restaurants & bars

  • Schools, colleges and universities

  • Hospitals & clinics

  • Endless seamless branding opportunities


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