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Safe Distancing in Retail – The Checklist

As we enter into a second lockdown, since the first lockdown began back in March, we've gained a wealth of knowledge while helping our clients, new and existing to create a safe socially distanced retail trading environment for both their staff and their customers and would love to help you too in anyway we can.

Shoppers all over the country are apprehensive about returning to a physical retail environment, so what can you do in order to enforce government guidelines and help shoppers and shop assistant's feel comfortable and safe.

We’ve pulled together a comprehensive checklist to help you create a suite of social distancing signage & graphics that can be implemented quickly and easily… or we can design a collection of signs specific to your brand and colour scheme once you've identified from the checklist the things you need in your particular retail environment

Outside the store

  • Window vinyls

  • Wayfinding and standalone poster/stanchion store guideline information

  • Spatial awareness queuing systems

  • Exterior grade anti-slip floor/street vinyls

On entrance to the store

  • Sanitising stations

  • No entry & Entry only guidance

  • Floor graphics providing safe distancing reminders

  • Directional floor arrows into and out of the store

Navigating the store

  • Floor (anti-slip) distancing guidelines

  • Escalator footprints

  • Lift door stickers indicating max number of people at any one time

  • Inside lift footprint standing position guidance

  • One-way flow systems

  • Hanging signs

  • Wall or window directional & guidance stickers

  • Touch screen temporarily out of use stickers

  • Decorative and creative area dividers

  • Optically clear screens so as not to spoil the look and feel of surrounding decor

At the checkout/till point

  • Payment guidance & requirements

  • Pay point protective screens

  • Touch screen stickers

  • Spatial awareness queuing systems

  • Standalone informational strut cards or banner stands

For shoppers and staff

  • Hand washing guidance before touching anything in the kitchen

  • Hand washing guidance before leaving toilet areas

  • How to thoroughly wash hands guidance posters

  • Only one person in kitchen at any one time

  • Only one person in toilet area at any one time

  • Sink closures to maintain distance

  • Urinal closures to maintain distance

On exit from the store

  • Clear direction to the exit door and exit route from the store


  • Acrylic screens & partitions, frosted or with graphics for modesty and privacy

  • Standalone partitioning

  • Informational & guidance signage specific to your business type

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