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What happened when Kate met our beautiful adopted tiger Anoushka

Our Kate had the pleasure of meeting and feeding Anoushka our sponsored tiger at Colchester Zoo on an Amur Tiger Keeper Shadowing experience to celebrate her birthday this year.

Kate - one of our Kamset family’s Senior Project Managers - had the opportunity to get up close to Anoushka, and all the other tigers! Including new tiger mum, Taiga and her three fluffy baby cubs.

This amazing experience started with feeding Igor and Anoushka, the zoo’s eldest tigers. Kate went behind the scenes into the feeding paddock where only the keepers are allowed, to give the tigers a tasty chicken treat herself, through the bars of course, but thrilling and a bit scary nevertheless!!

Kate then went under the public viewing platform and into another feeding paddock where with the clang of some gates, wandered over mum Taiga and her three adorable tiger cubs Pasha, Mischa and Tatana to investigate, the public watched in awe as Kate fed more chicken to them all.

Kate was in awe herself as to how spectacular it had been to be that close to such beautiful animals, a memory she will cherish. Isn’t it wonderful we can all share in that memory with Kate this way, hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we all have…


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