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What are one-piece wallcoverings and why do they matter?

One-piece printed wallcoverings are a great way to transform interior spaces using high-quality imagery, colour and creativity. Unlike traditional wallpapers, our seamless wallcoverings offer full wall coverage in one-piece, which means exactly that, a unique no-join finish! Visit Kamset and see for yourself! It’s simply stunning.

We produce digitally printed wallcoverings up to 3.1 metres high by as wide as the media roll will allow, bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘large format graphics’.

Environmentally friendly and fire-rated

Not only do seamless wallcoverings look super amazing when installed, they’re also B1 Fire-rated and made from non-PVC materials, making this solution 100% recyclable too!

One-piece wallcoverings get a big green environmentally-friendly tick from us too!

High-quality & high-definition print

With our digitally printed wallcoverings, you have the flexibility to choose whichever image you wish, from hires photo stock library images or illustrations, a scan of your own artistry, any artwork your imagination can think of creating in conventional computer programs such as photoshop, illustrator, InDesign etc…, brand artworks, logos, straplines, quotes, message imagery, your own photography.

The canvas texture of the media provides a soft satin finish when printed, creating a high-quality look and feel, providing premium and robust solutions for: Retailers, Offices, Galleries, Museums, Marketing & Hospitality Suites, Restaurants & Bars, Schools, Hospitals & Clinics, Domestic environments and many more...

Say goodbye to drab interior walls

Inject some personality with vibrant wall graphics without worrying about over-prepping the area first. The media we use hides a multitude of unsightly marks and blemishes. If the wall is particularly badly damaged we can even stretch our prints across the wall using an almost invisible frame system. Visit Kamset’s show area to view this innovative system on one of our walls.


These unique wallcovering solutions are installed by our friendly Kamset team in one section, with flexibility in the media allowing for fitting around door frames, windows and sockets.

Key benefits:

  • One-piece wallcovering solution – seamless with no join.

  • Premium media & quality printed finish

  • Install quick and easy

  • You pick the image – we create vibrant high-definition printed wallcoverings

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Hide unsightly marks on walls beneath

One-piece wallcovering applications are ideal for:

  • Corporate office interiors

  • Commercial retail interiors & in-store environments

  • Marketing & hospitality suites

  • Domestic & residential walls

  • Exhibition & showroom walls

  • Art galleries & museums

  • Window dressing backdrops

  • Pop-up shops

  • Restaurants & bars

  • Schools, colleges and universities

  • Hospitals & clinics

  • Endless seamless branding opportunities

Talk to us today about one-piece wallcoverings on 01268 820222 or email

Some interior wallcoverings by Kamset...


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