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Environmentally-Friendly & Sustainable One-Piece Wallcoverings

As interior designers, architects and marketers move to seek environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional interior décor and branding materials, we explain why you should consider one-piece wallcoverings for your next interior project.

Unlike traditional wallpapers, not only do our one-piece wallcoverings create visually stunning interior graphics offering seamless wall coverage. Combined with Kamset’s armour of sustainable printing and ink technology they are produced with a wealth of eco-friendly benefits too!

One-piece wallcovering applications are ideal for:

  • Corporate office interiors

  • Commercial retail interiors & in-store environments

  • Marketing & hospitality suites

  • Domestic & residential walls

  • Exhibition & showroom walls

  • Art galleries & museums

  • Window dressing backdrops

  • Pop-up shops

  • Restaurants & bars

  • Schools, colleges and universities

  • Hospitals & clinics

  • Endless seamless branding opportunities

Recyclable media

Not only do seamless wallcoverings look super amazing when installed, they’re also B1

Fire-rated and made from non-PVC materials, making this solution 100% recyclable too! So not only is this a visually stunning product, you can rest assured that it’s also kind to the environment.

Eco-friendly inks & production process

We use VOC free ink (Volatile Organic Compound) and energy-efficient LED cold-cure printing processes, combined with our sustainable media range creates our eco-friendly one-piece printed wallpaper murals. This method of production also produces beautifully vibrant colours, subtle skin tones and stunningly bright whites.

Eco building – production method

Our pledge to take sustainability in print to the next level has seen us make numerous changes to our building and workspaces to make our entire existence kinder to the environment and operationally eco-friendlier.

Since 2017, we’ve been producing 80% of our total electricity needs by installing 5000sq/ft of solar panels onto our new modern and highly-insulated roof. Other changes include investing in new technology, upgrading to LED sensor-lighting and replacing heating systems with energy-efficient alternatives.

Take a look at Our journey to sustainability in print blog post to see the other changes we have made to the way we operate.

Kamset ethos

Our commitment to the environment doesn’t stop with the changes we’ve made to our building or production processes.

We strive to recycle at every opportunity, including the packing materials we use to wrap and deliver our client projects, working closely with clients to recycle delivery tubes, periodically collecting and repurposing them.

For many years we have recycled ink and toner cartridges via our supply manufacturers.

We also have a complete recycling procedure in place using a number of bins labelled clearly to separate paper, card, plastic, tins, cans and glass bottles, supported 100% by our Kamset family.

Read our blog post 5 ways we’re taking sustainability in print to the next level to find out more about Kamset’s environmental values.

Want to learn more about our one-piece wallcoverings? Read our blog post What are one-piece wallcoverings and why do they matter?

Talk to us today about one-piece wallcoverings on 01268 820222 or email


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