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COVID-19 UPDATE – 26th June

Dear friends, clients and colleagues,

Our greatest hope is that since the UK entered lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic that you and your loved ones have remained safe and well.

We wanted to give you a further update on Kamset’s journey through these unprecedented times, where it has remained of pivotal importance to us that we stayed open throughout, and were available to help our cherished clients navigate their businesses through these extremely tough times.

We have been able to achieve this by operating with 35% of staff working from home and splitting shifts within our production departments - We are proud to say thus far we haven’t furloughed a single member of our Kamset family!

We really believed from the start that our lovely, loyal clients would need our help throughout this time, and thank goodness so many did, enabling us to stay open for all.

As I’m sure you can imagine, exceptionally difficult decision-making on a day to day basis made it far from straightforward or easy, but we all very much keep our fingers crossed that business will now continue to slowly but surely improve for everyone in the coming months.

To be able to continue through this, we have tightly followed the Government guidelines to ensure Kamset is a safe place to work and spend time…

We have a one-way system installed using floor and wall directional vinyls to aid navigation around the building and limit staff crossing paths. We have also extended office spaces and installed optically clear desktop & standalone Perspex screens where needed.

Along with boosting cleaning procedures, and providing all of our staff with PPE; face masks, visors and gloves etc. for use when needed, we have also produced and implemented COVID-19 social distancing and safety signage throughout Kamset, including floor distance markers, hand washing technique guides in the kitchen & bathroom areas, plus many various ‘cue’ signs to remind us all to be safe, vigilant and follow the strict hygiene practices set out.

We are still very much looking forward to a time where we can all be close again, and enjoy a more sociable version of life, however in the meantime we’re doing our utmost to ensure Kamset remains a safe, and enjoyable place to work, and that we can provide the same level of service and a friendly familiar voice to our clients and friends.


From all of us at Kamset xxx


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