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A dedication to our family NHS Doctor, Karine Johannessen

Our recently qualified Dr Karine has a special place in our hearts here in our Kamset family, bravely and tirelessly working long long hours as one of our country’s frontline NHS doctors combatting Covid-19.

No fuss, no drama, no complaint, caring lovingly for patients in the Covid-19 Acute Medicine wards. Karine is one of the happiest and most courageous people that walks this earth and lucky are those that have her tending their beside at their time of need.

We thank you Karine from the bottom of our hearts and think of you every day along with your colleagues at NHS Colchester Hospital. The nation’s NHS thank you clapping at 8pm last night was so emotional, it was so loud!!! What a wonderful idea and genuine show of appreciation from the country saying thank you for everything the NHS and all the key workers are doing for us all. Where would we all be without you.

We are all so very proud of you Karine.

With all the love in the world

Your Kamset family xxx


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