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5 ways we're taking sustainability in print to the next level

We have made several significant changes to our premises and production processes and are proud to be delivering a diverse range of environmentally friendly products, to serve and support our clients goals to reduce their carbon footprint.

1. Powered by nature

In 2017, we took a bold step forward with Kamset’s commitment to sustainability by installing a solar panel system to 5000 sq/ft of our roof, now generating 80% of our total electricity needs.

2. Our inks and printing processes are both stunning and eco-friendly

Our VOCs-free ink and energy-efficient LED cold-cure printing process is not only eco-friendly, the combination also produces beautifully vibrant colours, subtle skin tones and stunningly bright whites.

We removed solvent printing machines from our workplace many years ago, replacing them with latex technology and water-based inks, offering a durable, photographic quality and environmentally friendly product.

3. Environmentally sourced materials and medias

We’re dedicated to seeking environmentally friendly alternatives in print media and already boast a wide portfolio of eco-friendly materials and medias.

We also work closely with our suppliers to keep up-to-date on innovation in environmentally-friendly products within the industry and are proud to be able to offer these to our clients.

4. Our ethos is recycle and sustain

We strive to recycle at every opportunity, including the packing materials we use to wrap and deliver our client projects, working closely with clients to recycle delivery tubes, periodically collecting and repurposing them.

For many years we have recycled ink and toner cartridges via our supply manufacturers.

Our promise to the environment continues internally, with a complete recycling procedure in place using a number of bins labelled clearly to separate paper, card, plastic, tins, cans and glass bottles, supported 100% by our Kamset family.

5. Our accreditations

Alcumus SafeContractor is the market-leading health & safety accreditation system, helping contractors and organisations become healthier, safer, and stronger.

Sedex is one of the world's leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions in global supply chains. As Sedex members, we are committed to continuously improve our sustainable business practices, and source responsibly.


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